This summer we will arrange Art&Event at this fantastic location, Solvik School nearby Järna, outside Stockholm:


Our theme will be The Human meeting: Awakening to Moral and Artistic Imagination

You are most welcome to join us!

My life as a Creative Processae2015-rorum-korna%cc%8akersti

The creative processes in my life, what do they look like?

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Art&Event 2014


2014 Art&Event again took place at Orust, this year with the theme “Searching for the Source of  Creativity” Read lecture and conversation between Toril Alex and Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon here.

Art&Event 2013

During summer 2013 Art&Event took place at Orust for the second time. Read the closing lecture by Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon and conversation with Torbjørn Eftestøl here.


During the summer 2012 Art&Event took place at Orust in Sweden. The schooling of perception and the meeting with the Other was the theme of the year. See a review of the event here 

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Download the review of Art&Event – Lista 2011 as pdf here

How do you imagine the becoming process of the future event of the 21st Century?

How are you going to change your thinking and creativity in order to prepare for it?

What and how are you going to do this in the coming days, months and year until the next Art and Event?

These were the three questions with which Dr. Ben-Aharon rounded off the seminar Art and Event. During the three days it lasted he talked about his concept,understanding and experience of the Event on the one side, and of how this relates to art and creativity on the other.

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What is a work of art? how is it created? which transformations is the artist going through in the creative process? and how is it related to the spiritual event of our time?

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